Spare parts for trucks and trailers

The Concord Company is the wholesale dealer of spare parts for commercial vehicles

The Concord Company is the wholesale dealer of trailer axle and truck parts.

We supply spare parts to all regions of Ukraine. In our product range there are air-springs, leaf-springs, shock absorbers, suspension parts, brake disks, drums, pads and shoes, filters, chassis parts, oil seals, lamps, mirrors, accessories and so on.

Today our wholesale network covers all Ukraine and amounts 280 clients including auto-services, heavy and small wholesale buyers.

Our sale strategy is built on dealers and wholesale clients who have their own buyer networks in the regions. Today Concord company cooperates with 80 large dealers. At least 3 dealers are present in every regional center of Ukraine.


Map of dealer network

Map of dealers network


Concord Company is official importer of:

  • AL-KO (shock absorbers) — Spain
  • CONTECH (leaf-springs, U-bolts to leaf leaf-springs, air-springs, brake drums and disks, brake shoes, brake pads and repair kits to brake pads, wipers, ratchet tie down, accessories to truck and trailers, shock absorbers) — USA
  • CRAFT BEARINGS  (bearings) - Lithuania
  • DPH (seal rings) — Germany
  • DASTECH (airsprings) - Turkey
  • DELSA (different filters) - Turkey
  • FRENKA (brake drums and disks)  — Turkey
  • FSS (pneumatic systems, compressor systems, brake systems) — Turkey
  • HAMMER (clutch system) — Turkey
  • MAY (pneumatic systems, compressor systems, brake systems) — Turkey
  • SAMPIYON FILTERS (different filters— Turket 
  • SAMKO FRANCE (chassis parts, ROR, TRAILOR, SMB, FRUEHAUF, R.V.I.) — France
  • SEM (chassis parts) — Turkey
  • TRUCKLINE (pneumatic systems, compressor systems, brake systems)  — Poland
  • VADEN (compressor parts ) — Turkey