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Connecting technologies

The new name on truck parts market.

CONTECH consists of two words (connecting technologies), which became the slogan of CONTECH Group Co — «Connecting technologies».

In Ukraine the distributor of CONTECH (the branch of parts and OEM accessories and automarket) is CONCORD Company in Khmelnitsky city.
One of the main trends of truck parts is the group of leaf springs, cylindrical springs and spring U-bolts. The output of 2007 was more then 25 000 tons of leaf springs (among them 10 000 tons of parabolic springs) and 1,5 million pieces of springs. In 2008 it’s planned to increase the output of leaf springs to 35 000 tons with the help of starting the production at English enterprises.

Production of air springs is another, not less important group of truck parts. Assembly components, pistons, weld pistons, fixing bolts, plates, washers, air lines are accordingly offered to air springs.
The next significant group includes brake shoes and pads and also accessories (plates, gauges, etc.). There are more then 1 000 positions in assortment. The Company which was founded in 1976, has passed certification on all European quality standards and manufactures — ISO 9001 TUV-TSE, TS 16949 TUV, ISO 14001 — the new standard of 2006. The area of the Company is 16 thousand sq.m. and 12 thousand sq. m. Since 1985 OEM suppliers, which are in TMD Friction Corporation, became the co-owners of the Company in producing of brake shoes and pads.

The asbestos-free technology of manufacturing is the distinctive feature, which corresponds to the quality of TEXTAR — T090-T099 classification, PAGID — NAO classification and CONTECH — KF15 classification. The main advantage of this technology is the optimal correlation between deterioration of friction weight and brake disk or drum wearing, this increases the life of brake shoe or pad as well as brake disk or drum. This technology also corresponds to the ecological standards of manufacturing and operation accepted all over the world.

The next group, produced by CONTECH Corporation, includes brake disks and drums. Today the Company which produces disks and drums occupies 75% of European market OEM and auto market. In 2006 the production has exceeded the quantity of 1 200 millions of disks and drums, in 2007 additional production of more than 1 000 million pieces has been started.

One more significant group is the group of suspension parts CONTECH (centre rods, drag rods, track control arms and so on, tie-rod ends), represented by general representation in Europe and Asia — CONTECH Group Co. All production (more then 8 000positions of rods and ball joints in assortment) corresponds to European standards of quality on certification ISO 9001:2000/EN ISO 9001:2000.
The company which produces suspension parts for CONTECH Group Co has been working in this sphere since 1965. Every year more then 5 000 000 pieces are produced. The working area is 30 000 sq. m. of open and 25 000 sq. m. of close technological area.

CONTECH Corporation provides with all guarantee certificates according to general European standards on each group.

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