Spare parts for trucks and trailers


MAY air brake and clutch systems have been founded in 1980 in the industrial center of Turkey — Bursa. Since 1995 it worked on special rubber parts of heavy commercial vehicles and industrial machines. The assortment of MAY includes a wide range of air brake and clutch systems such as brake valves, relay valves, clutch hydraulic units and so on. The assortment of MAY includes more than 2500 positions which are the direct analogs for the production of such well-known manufacturers of clutch systems as KNORR, WABCO, GRAU and so on.

MAY is enlarging its product types continuously to serve better to their customers. Since 2005 brake caliper repair kits were included to its range. With this new development MAY is able to supply all kinds of valves and repair kits in air line starting from compressor to brake disk in heavy commercial vehicles.
Caliper repair kits are the most important parts in the product range of MAY. One of the reasons of their importance is: they are the last point of the brake system. The system has the same mentality with calipers for passenger cars but everything is bigger. Also the mechanical load and heat is much higher than passenger cars. Because of this MAY uses special raw materials that can take care of this heavy load and high temperature. For today the company is able to produce nearly all kind of caliper repair kits for different brands. Since 2008 the assortment of MAY has been enlarged to 200 positions of calipers and as the reason the catalogue which includes clutch systems and calipers was issued.

Now MAY is developing a searching system for a prompt search of necessary part. By the end of the year the adoption of this system is planned.
MAY does not only use new modern technologies and materials but also audit all production in research centre which is equipped with the modern equipment. All production of the company has the international certificate of quality ISO 9001.
More than 80% of production is exported to a great number of European distributors. It means that MAY is entrusted not only on its historical territory but also in the countries which are far from Turkey.

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