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For some time, JURATEK Ltd., Carcroft UK, Thos. WINNARD & Sons Ltd., Rotherham, UK and UNIVERSAL Components UK Ltd., Sheffield, UK, have sold brakes discs

  • SAF 4 079 0010 03: JURATEK = 422915 MIN THK 37 MM IS583 06 12 24 57 K
  • SAF 4 079 0013 02: JURATEK = 423167 MIN THK 37 MM IS549 06 08 05 56 K
  • SAF 4 079 0010 03: WINNARD = SAU 1030 033067 MIN THK 38 MM
  • SAF 4 079 0013 02: WINNARD = SAU 1031 006087 MIN THK 38 MM
  • SAF 4 079 0010 03: UNIVERSAL Components = KLTE 0191 MIN THK 39 MM 12/07

for the After-Market, in the case of JURATEK Ltd., under the same name as the original products manufactured by us, INTEGRAL brake discs (SAF104 and SAF105), in the case of WINNARD & Sons Ltd. under the name SAU1031 and SAU 1030 and in the case of UNIVERSAL Components UK Ltd. under the name KLTE0191 and which, from a geometrical point of view, can be fitted in exchange for our own original INTEGRAL brake discs on the SAF axles.

The replacement products, however, differ significantly from our original brake discs. A significant technical difference between those discs and our original discs is that they are a single unit throughout of grey cast iron. Our original brake discs, on the other hand, consist of an adapter made of high performance spherolitic cast iron and a separate friction ring of grey cast iron moulded onto this adapter in a separate working step.

You, as our customer, can visually recognise this technical difference between the original brake discs and the brake discs sold by the abovementioned companies only with very careful examination.

A further relevant aspect is the fixing of the brake disc to the wheel hub which takes place by means of high temperature screws specially developed for this application. The through holes for these are in our original brake discs in the area of the high performance adapter, in the brake discs sold by the abovementioned companies, on the other hand, in the area of the much softer grey cast iron material. These differences in material and the unit nature of these brake discs could lead to tension cracks in the area of the through holes.

In the course of standardised GLOBAL SPEC CV (planned ISO-Norm 15484) tests and brake comparison tests according to ISO/DIS 26865 (Point 6.4) by independent testers (GIF mbH in cooperation with T?V S?d), tension cracks in the area of the through holes (fixings) in these brake discs, which could lead to complete failure of the part and therefore to brake failure, actually occurred (cf. enclosed illustrations). This constitutes, according to present knowledge, a safety risk because adequate braking capacity can no longer be ensured. Brakes blocked in this manner could also for example adversely affect driving stability and parts of disintegrating brake discs could endanger third parties. Since, according to our knowledge at the present time, the danger of the brake discs provided by JURATEK Ltd., Carcroft UK, Thos. WINNARD & Sons Ltd., Rotherham, UK and UNIVERSAL Components UK Ltd., Sheffield, UK cannot be excluded, we suggest that the greatest possible caution be exercised in this respect.

We specifically state that we have never authorised the use of replacement products and will not do so. If, nevertheless, these are fitted to our axles, we must reject any liability for any damage thereby caused.

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